Inpatient Substance Use Detox and Treatment

Palm Point Behavioral Health uses trusted methods to help adults (18 and over) recover from alcohol and benzodiazepine (benzo) addiction.

Substance Use Detox Program

If your goal is lasting sobriety, we can help. Addiction is not a weakness. It’s a disease — and the right treatments can help you achieve the life you want to live. Palm Point Behavioral Health provides inpatient substance use detox and treatment services in a compassionate, healing environment.

Help for Alcohol Dependence and Benzo Addiction: Why Choose Us?

We combine research-based treatments, a holistic approach and long-term focus to help you achieve excellent results. Patients consistently report high satisfaction with their treatment and feel better at discharge than admission. For more information, view recent patient satisfaction scores.

Highlights of our program include:

  • Collaborative approach: You receive coordinated services from doctors, psychiatrists, licensed therapists and nurses. We tailor assessments, therapies and support to help you get the most out of your stay. Staff also help you prepare for life after discharge, so you are not alone in your sobriety journey. Meet the staff.
  • Addiction medicine specialist: Our staff includes a board-certified addictionologist, an internal medicine doctor specializing in drug and alcohol recovery. This specialist closely monitors your well-being during the early stages of treatment. They may prescribe drugs to ease side effects and lower the risk of complications during detox.
  • Specialized substance use treatment: We often help people dealing with addiction and other medical or behavioral health issues. For minor medical concerns, like diabetes or high blood pressure, an internal medicine doctor provides support. Our facility’s services are also for people with co-occurring addiction and mental health issues.
  • Robust post-discharge support: We offer intensive outpatient programming for patients who need help transitioning back to daily life. You return to Palm Point three hours a day, three times a week, to help take your recovery to the next level. Learn more about our intensive outpatient program (IOP).

Timely Access to Inpatient Substance Use Treatment Services

Get started today toward lasting relief for alcohol dependence and benzo addiction. No-cost assessments are available 24/7. We offer same-day admission for eligible patients.

If you or your loved one might benefit from our services, please call 321-603-6550 or complete our online form. A staff member will get back to you as quickly as possible. We accept most commercial insurance plans as well as Medicare, Medicaid and TRICARE®.

Our Inpatient Substance Use Detox and Treatment Services

Palm Point’s inpatient substance use detox and treatment services include:

  • Medical detox support: Quitting alcohol or benzos may make you feel sick. In some cases, you could be at risk for seizures. An addiction medicine specialist provides personalized care that helps you have a more comfortable experience. Nurses check in on you for attentive detox services that meet your needs.
  • Evidence-based addiction recovery: After successful substance use detox, we use the Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous 12-Step framework to guide recovery. It helps change your mental, emotional and spiritual outlook, making it easier to embrace sobriety.
  • Discharge planning: As discharge approaches, we help you prepare for the next stages of recovery. Efforts include ensuring you have follow-up appointments with community providers and a sponsor (sober peer who offers additional support). If you need more support easing back into daily life, you may also benefit from our IOP.
  • Ongoing care: Addiction recovery is a lifelong process, so we take extra steps to set you up for success. After discharge, a staff member calls periodically to check your progress and determine whether you need additional support. These efforts help us identify unexpected challenges you are facing so we can help address them.

Preparing for Your Stay

We offer a modern 12-bed substance use unit for people experiencing alcohol dependence and benzo addiction. It’s a spacious, healing environment with plenty of natural light and a courtyard. Special amenities include a half-court gym and various activities, such as crafts and movies. Learn more about our facility or take a virtual tour.

Our staff looks forward to helping you or your loved one. To streamline the admissions process, review our patient packing list to know what items to bring and leave at home. A patient experience liaison helps you feel comfortable during your stay. This person is an additional resource, available to discuss any challenges or concerns with you.

We Are Here to Help You

Call 321-603-6550 or complete our online form to get started. Admissions representatives are available 24/7 to provide no-cost assessments. In an emergency, please dial 988 for emotional distress, 911 for medical issues or go to the nearest emergency room.

Providing the tools to heal.

If you need support, you are not alone, and we are here for you.